The Big Moon x Roughtrade 15/10/22

Giddy and filled with delight, The Big Moon absolutely sparkled during their set at Rough Trade. I was very excited to see this band, it was incredible to feel the energy this all female band radiated. As we know, this industry, like most, is massively male dominated and it was an absolute breath of fresh air to absorb their talent and  devotion to their music.

Speaking of devotion, they are currently promoting their new album – Here is Everything. This is a spirited album, telling a narrative of life through the pandemic, and the band reconnecting to make their art. A particular favourite, which they played in the middle of this set is –2 lines. This song reflects front person Juliette’s pregnancy, and I think this open nature of their music stirs a sentimental connection between band members and the audience itself. Of course, this emotion radiated through the Bristol crowd, and a swirl of smiley faces drifted around the room.

A stunningly stand out moment was during the track – Formidable (from their debut album Love in the 4th Dimension) members took their microphones off the stands and had a group hug centre stage before gracing us

with their doubtlessly elegant 4 way acapella harmony of the first verse of this track.  This track then drops into a riffier section, as guitarists drop to the floor like the true rock stars they are. It is not to be overlooked, it sounded exquisit live.

Tying this charismatic set together with their most played single –Your Light, a singalong dazzled the room, eyes glimmered and smiles were contagious.  We were sad to see this radiant band leave the stage.

-written for the bristol gig guide

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