Nova Twins x Trinity Bristol 18/02/23

Urban punk meets a dirty heavy bass cacophony, childhood friend duo Nova Twins flooded the Trinity with their unmissable vitality and their poisonous allure. Boisterous riffs that crashed from wall to wall, an emphatic roar of noise detonated and left no survivors.

Nothing but powerful energy, their vivacity is unmistakable, furiously unapologetic and rowdy. Rowdy in the fact that the crowd was definitely far from stagnant. Main characters of their own world, Nova Twins are the queens of genre bending, they are non conforming to the stipulations of the current punk / heavy scene, they are writing their own heavy music how-to guide.

“Are there any boss bitches out there??” guitarist Amy Love exclaims, and is met with a clamour of ecstatic screeches as the holy grail of boss bitch tracks “Cleopatra” bass intro lines crescendo, and crescendo. Building up the suspense, teasing the crowd, then obliterating with this untouchable, powerful energy that radiates from this elite duo.

Another notable track being ‘K.M.B’ a hefty, layered track that has these electro pop elements, fully charged and magnetic, it feels like an electric shock to the system, and I adored it. It is, for sure, a cult classic kind of song. The turbulence bassist Georgia South cultivates from her progressive pedal board setup creates this commotion of vibrations, distortions, screams and any other miscellaneous noise you can fathom.

I’m not just saying this because I adore them, but these two have tenacious futures ahead of them. They have this thick, robust sound that is truly massive, and their live sound lives up to this, it’s electronic punk that’s cut throat, yet sassy.

written for the bristol gig guide

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