Enter Shikari x SWX x Bristol 18/03/23

First the worst, second the best?? Shikari’s second show (of their 3 show residency) at our beloved SWX radiated an electronic field of noise and euphoria. For all those in the pit, I’m sure It Hurts now, huh.

I was absolutely ecstatic to be in the photo-pit for this show, trying not to let the excitement get to me, remembering I have a job to do, and I wasn’t just front row for one of all time fave bands. Slightly losing my shit as ‘{The Dreamer’s Hotel}’ was played 3rd, I found myself screaming along with the legends at the barrier, whilst intermittently taking photos and being engulfed by Shikari’s incredible strobe lighting set up. I might be easily pleased and biassed but having a confetti cannon is a brilliant touch, it really adds to the elated commotion within the crowd.

There was, for sure, a large sense of community at this show. And I think this is enhanced by their residency at SWX. I’m certain many people here will be attending all 3 shows. Treating us to ‘satellites * *’ from their 2020 album Nothing is True & Everything is Possible, a meteor shower of vitality soared and sparkled from the audience, igniting a contagious, feel good singalong. It was a wholesome moment, coupled with the upbeat party vibe. Speaking of, track ‘Radiate’ deserves a mention, those synth noises created a cacophony that is unmistakably Shikari. Thundering forwards, first support, Cody Frost accompanied Rou with vocals on ‘Bull’, their joint single, concocting a powerful stage dynamic that was complimentary to both vocalists.

Of course, Shikari teased us with the extended version of ‘Sorry You’re Not a Winner.” All the emos of the crowd did the iconic 3 claps in the intro to this absolutely massive cult classic that’s a staple to the alternative community.

We are now at the last 4 songs of this intergalactic set, and the band left Lou to take the stage for a solo acoustic rendition of ‘Stop the Clocks.’ Emotions running high, passionate voices from the crowd sung along in a chorus of euphoria, and this only intensified when the start of ‘System…’ echoed from wall to wall… we all knew what was coming next. The riffs of ‘...Meltdown’ erupted, basically turning the majority of the floor into a pit. Drawing to a close with ‘Live Outside’ it was a perfect send off to this sweaty yet insane show.

written for truestylemusic

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