Easy Life x Trinity Bristol 07/02/23

5 piece indie pop band with an irresistible charm, Easy Life, played our very own Trinity Bristol as part of Brits Week, an annual showcase of talent where bands get to play smaller, more intimate venues for them and each ticket sale makes a charitable donation to War Child.

Busting the show open with the track ‘Growing Pains’ it was a bold and punchy choice, but a confident one nonetheless. After,  swiftly followed by a stream of older tunes from their 2021 album ‘Life’s a Beach’ playing ‘Daydreams’ and ‘sangria’ both of which laid out the pass of the show as a whole.

Their music is the perfect concoction of chill, funk, maybe somewhat jazzy, but it’s certainly bedroom indie to vibe to. Live, however, these vibes are carried over for sure, they are intensified by the entire band's eclectic allure, energy and spirited nature. Honestly, they’re a bit mad. If you fancy a cheeky mosh pit to some indie, an Easy Life gig is the place to be.

Layered and tight for sure, their show was incredibly polished.  Also accompanied by 3 gorgeously talented backing band members, creating a small brass section that really puts that extra emphasis on the tracks and their melodic depth. To complement this, the band doesn’t particularly stick to the standard passing of a setlist we might be more used to. For example, playing cult favourite and possibly their most recognisable track ‘Skeletons,’ a track that is completely contagiously catchy and seemingly somewhat cathartic for front person Murray Matravers to play.  This being quickly followed by heartfelt track ‘Ocean View’ This choice to mix the setlist made the show feel like a journey, but like a fun, yet emotional indie one.

-written for the bristol gig guide
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