Confidence Man x 02 Academy 15/11/22

Absolutely obliterating the Academy with their incredible party of a set, electro pop band mesmerised us here in Bristol with their dance routines and feel-good tracks. This band’s shows are like a portable party.

All the way from Brisbane, Confidence Man iconically carried their tenacity over the seas to bless us here in Bristol. Saying that they’re energetic isn’t enough; they are an explosion of disco and charisma… and confidence. Duo-fronted by dance pop queens Janet Planet and Sugar Bones, their eccentric stage names reflect their outlandish style. With intricate dance routines, their shows really are a performance like no other.

“Boyfriend (repeat)” from their debut album Confident Music for Confident People is a definite stand out favourite of mine. It is so sassy and so contagious, which translated so well during their set. Coupled with ‘C.O.O.L Party’ an almost cult classic for this band, the irresistible urge to party erupted throughout the crowd. Another notable track being from their newest album Tilt, ‘It feels like Different thing’ compliments bands ecstatic vibrance. It builds stamina and explodes into waves and waves pop brilliance.

The entire set was truly a sparkling electro pop masterpiece. Compliments to the lighting team, absolutely smashing this set up with a fantastic array of colour and strobe which really enhanced audience engagement. I can’t not mention Planet’s glowing boobs! (Yes you read that right, she has a costume with light up boobs, it’s incredible) Seriously, these pop stars are plan

-written for the bristol gig guide

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