Blossoms x O2 Academy 11/11/22

With a sentimental place in my heart after seeing this band way back in 2016 in a small venue deep in Bournemouth, it was an absolute pleasure to see them again now, as the fully fledged indie pop sensation that they are. With my late teens soundtracked by their self-titled debut album, they really do hold a very special place in my heart, and it’s very safe to say that I was not disappointed by this set at the 02 Academy.

Opening with synth drenched track >>There’s a reason why (I never returned your calls) an eclectic wave of energy surfed throughout the Academy, a perfect choice of opening track. It’s enticing and endearing - this matches the persona of the band, they have a charming allure about them. Honestly, each member is ethereal, and glows with talent and devotion.

A noticeable track being >>Your Girlfriend. It was strategically placed mid-set. Energy was floating high and it has a delightful bass line, it’s incredibly catchy and has that feel good vibe of indie pop that is forever lovely (and forever stuck in your head) ((I'm not sad about it, its and absolute banger))

An honourable mention that cannot be forgotten, is the doubtlessly flawless ensemble of Blossoms track >>My Favourite Room bleeding into Oasis’ >>Half the World Away. Which, of course, flooded the crowd with sentiment, as everyone emptied their lungs to scream along. As if you couldn't please a crowd more, front person Tom (playing onstage alone with just acoustic guitar) then started playing chords for >>Last Christmas and exclaimed that ‘It’s november, right?’ This poured petrol to the fire that was a massive sing along, and continued long after Tom left the stage for the encore.

The sets flow was foolproof, an impeccable mix of staple tracks from their debut self titled album, and their newest album >>Ribbon Around the Bomb. Obviously, drawing the beautiful set to a close with the track undoubtedly got them to where they are now, Charlemagne. I remember hearing this song whilst getting ready for school in 2016, as it was featured on BBC Radio1’s track of the day. This song inevitably leads the band to commercial success, yet that doesn't take away from the fact that it is a killer track, that’s like a tsunami of energy when played live.

Altogether, I cannot fault Blossoms show, it was everything I hoped for and more. It was incredibly sentimental and nostalgic for not just me, but the entire room. It has reignited my adoration for this indie pop band from Stockport.

-written for the bristol gig guide

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