Black MIDI x 16/11/22 Thekla Bristol

Avant garde, experimental art punk band, Black Midi demolished SWX with their riffs and fury. Opening their set with spooky yet enticing track 935, which is also the opening track of the debut album, the energy bar was set high from the very first riff.

The band's sound is completely unhinged, and of course, the Bristol crowd was too. Multiple pits opening up within seconds of the set, a wave of energy was released and the room was alive. Crowd surfers emerged, heads were banging. I don’t think anyone stood still.

Black MIDI have an enticing allure about them - they are fairly reserved and tight whilst playing. Skillful, yet pushing out waves and waves of manic noises, a perfectly arranged cacophony of boisterous and supernatural prog rock.

This set was otherworldly, and fairly indescribable. Elation swept through the atmosphere, a frenzy of movement constantly rushing throughout, the pits were not for the faint hearted - they were absolute turmoil.

This band that’s not to be missed, a sensational live sound for those experimental noise lovers, although it’s a complicated matter to try and place them amongst a genre. 

-written for the bristol gig guide

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